About us

SONOSANO s.r.l. is an innovative startup born from the vision of two Italian professionals during the quarantine from Covid-19.
Ignazio and Dario, are two friends who meet by chance, but above all they recognize each other – not easy when dressed as a surgeon. The two begin to talk about the inconvenience of the quarantine, their concern, mostly for their children and they leave each other with: “We need a solution for this virus”.
This phrase resounds in the heads of the two who talk on the phone a few days later to exchange some of the ideas they had. Ideas become brainstorming, brainstorming becomes a product idea, the product turns into a project.
SONOSANO was born from the combination of the ideas and skills of the two, and it is the most innovative solution currently on the market for the sanitation of people and work environments.

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Ignazio Internicola

Founding member and sole director. Ignazio is an architect, after collaborating with some of the most famous and internationally renowned studios such as the “Foster and Partners” studio in London, or the “Massimiliano Fuksas” studio in Rome, he decides to move back to Sicily to grow and develop his business. Entrepreneurial and dynamic mentality, Ignazio has a remarkable ability to communicate his ideas and develop projects that are transversal to his training.

Dario Messina

Founding member. Dario is an engineer, during his PhD in Portugal he collaborates with large European and non-European industrial realities, so he begins to become passionate about business consultancy. Dario currently works as responsible in a foreign consultancy firm.


SONOSANO s.r.l. is a young and dynamic startup born with the aim of creating innovative solutions that allow companies to return to operating safely in the workplace, taking care of their employees and customers. SONOSANO: THE MADE IN ITALY SOLUTION TO YOUR SAFETY NEEDS, FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS AND FOR YOUR COMPANY